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Life Insurance

Life insurance is not just about providing your family with financial support after you have gone. Life insurance cover can help ensure your financial security both now and into the future.


What is life insurance?

Life insurance is simply a policy that offers financial payouts if and when major changes happen in your life. You can insure yourself for a short period of time, or for your whole life.


Key types of life insurance

There are various types of life insurance, and which one you choose depends on your current circumstance and future requirements.

  • Term life insurance offers for a short period of a few years, is affordable, and useful for those with current debts or short-term major outgoings.
  • Permanent life insurance is for life, so it's cost-effective. It also ensures that if your health needs change, you will still remain insured.
  • Universal life insurance offers lifelong coverage with a tax-free element, which is suitable for those with sizeable assets to pass on, such as a business.
  • Mortgage insurance, or mortgage protection insurance, is usually a combination of term life insurance for the duration of the mortgage, plus critical illness insurance. So, whatever happens, there will be financial support to pay the mortgage.

Life Insurance for Children

Protect your children with their own separate life insurance, and you can help provide for their future too. These policies can start from a minimum age of 14 days, and while coverage increases as your child gets older, often the premium is locked in at the original price, making them very cost-effective.


With most life insurance policies for children, when your child reaches a certain age (usually 21), they can take over the policy. So they do not have to worry about getting insurance as an adult, whatever their health status or occupation may be. Similar policies exist for young adults under the age of 18. If you're interested in life insurance for kids, just ask us for more details.


How Jeff can help

Jeff is not just keen on life insurance, he's passionate about it. His aim is that you should be able to relax and enjoy life, knowing that you and your family are protected against the major life changes that can strike at any time. He's also pragmatic, ensuring the best fit of life insurance to your specific needs - and your budget.


If you already have a life insurance quote, feel free to call us and discuss. As a licenced insurance broker, Jeff may be able to find you better cover at a better price.


To discuss your life insurance requirements, call Jeff at 519-485-5801, or send us an email.

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